Cannot install KDE 17.0.1

From DVD. I had it working for quite a while and today decided to upgrade. It all went wrong and I have a black screen. So I tried to reinstall but keep getting: could not sync environment todbus. What can I do please help

Please try again with the latest version, 18.0:

very well but I only had Manjaro on my machine so am really stuck. On a friend's machine at the moment for a short while

When I try to boot without the disk, now I get: Failed to get CUPS Scheduler and then it stops.

Did the upgrade finish without errors?
Get to TTY and retry the update with

pamac  update

I would love to but I do not get anything.
Except the: Failed to get CUPS Scheduler

or when I insert the DVD to reinstall, I get stuck with 'could not sync environment to dbus'

Will try to download and install version 18.0 at a friend's if I can.

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