Cannot open sub menus in fcitx toolbar

So I followed the instructions here to try and get Japanese input like MS-IME. Because I only want it as a secondary language I removed the top line of the edits for ~/.xprofile ( export LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8"). I rebooted and everything was going to plan except that I cannot change input methods with CTRL+space and I cannot open any sub menus in the top bar, if I click vigorously a drop down appears briefly but it disappears before I can interact with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated for the guy who just came from Windows

Have you read this post?

Have you setup fcitx-configtool ?
Have you add mozc to "Input Method" tab on the fcitx-configtool?

Thank you very much did not see that post before (sorry), anyway installing fcitx-im fixed not being able to swap inputs but I still cannot open the sub menus in toolbar to configure mozc etc...

If you have installed fcitx-configtool, you can evoke it from Terminal Emulator to configure mozc.

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