Cannot quote posts to reply

Recently in several posts that I replied, I cannot quote other people's posts for my reply.
An edit will appear and remove the quoted 'quotes'? Repeating the edit will also make another edit removing the 'quotes'?

Any idea what's happening?
Oh, a very recent example is here.

I have had no issues quoting lately.

Do you mark the text you want to quote and press the "Quote" button that pops up?


Hey, it works here. but not in the others recently
About the same time. same computer same OS same browser.

[2nd edit]

Now that works in the same topic.
Never mind this topic then.
Unless I have more problems.

Seriously (meaning jokingly in political parlance) this Discourse and I cannot go along together.
The demons in this Discourse are out to get me. They can try.

So forget this first in the time being. Sorry for the noise.

I've noticed this from time-to-time and in my case it's either that the connection to the server has been interrupted so the Discourse background process doesn't work correctly, or I've just got a Firefox Nightly update patch and it needs restarting.

So, either a page refresh or a browser restart gets it working again.


Thanks for clarification. It is almost making this atheist (me) believing in demons. :smiley:

or clear data saved by pages, or any cached data.
FF is better to refresh (own embedded feature) after major upgrades.

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