Cannot run full system upgrade

Hello. I recently installed a program with pamac and then it showed up ~180 updates. I tried running the updated from pamac, however it shows this error;
installing nvidia-utils(1:430.26-1) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=1:430.14' required by linux50-nvidia
Now I can't install the updates, neither from pamac nor from command line. I manually updated Firefox as well. Now it's broken. Chromium doesn't work either. What to do?
Edit: I would prefer not to remove the Nvidia drivers, as I spent a few days trying to make them work on a laptop with prime

Please read update announcement before updating.Kernel 5.0 is EOL- you must delete it and switch to another one

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I was able do run the upgrade. However now I can't install the Nvidia drivers back, mhwd says error:target not found: linux50-nvidia
And I'm stuck on the boot logo... Now what do I do?

Can you get into a VT ( ctrl+alt+F3)?
Log in:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux51
mhwd  -i pci video-nvidia

Don't have an nvidia card, second command is just a guess :wink:

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Remove/uninstall kernel 5.0 (linux50) with mhwd.
Check your installed kernels

mhwd-kernel -li
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