Cannot stop fans

Hi all. I'm new at linux familiy but unfortunately my first experiences are not good. Cinnamon desktops uses too much cpu power and my fans runs non stop. This is annoying because at windows i can stop fans with only clicking 2 buttons. I tried all advices but linux cant find my pwm fans. I tried too many distros and i enjoyed Manjaro and Mint too much. But same problem here... i have 5700hq- gtx950m 440.100 driver,16gb memory and 8gb swap memory amd i deleted manjaro lastest and i am using mint right now but same problem is continue... There is not any problem at windows 10. I closed turbo boast and my cpu runs very cool but nothing changed.Any idea?I dont want to use Mint anymore but when i want to watch videos and surfing, my system freeze 1-2 seconds and it is annoying. Same problem at Manjaro and Mint with kernel 5.4 and 5.7

Your post was separated from where you originally posted because your post was totally unrelated to the topic where you posted. Sometimes you need to be able to think logically to troubleshoot issues in Linux. So far, you are not showing a lot of promise as someone suited to using Linux.

Please detail your efforts to correct your fan issues, and provide proper sysystem specifications so that others may be able to help you better.

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