Cannot use Ctrl+C/V in Firefox search bar


I cannot use Ctrl+C/V in Duck Duck go search bar. I have made the search engine appear at start of Firefox. I can use copy and paste with the eight click, though.

All other browser, and even in VM installations of OS's do not reproduce this issue. My conclusion is that some of my settings interfere.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you foe the reply. I have done all of the advice except the hason thing which I did a while ago. I even deleted everything with firefoz to no avail.

In the meantime, I found ddgr: a command line search for Duck; I am learning it now.

I have installed Manjaro in Vm, and the Firefox exensions I use one by one, testing after each if Ctrl+V pastes in duck search field. Still cannot paste.

Here is the 'solution':

I have found that in the above case (I have also set to "Show pointer location when pressing Ctrl key" because of poor vission), I can paste with Shift + Insert. I am still trying to find a way to copy.

Ctrl + Insert

Thank you, Jonathon.

I know and use this. However, I reverted to the original settings, without using Ctrl key to locate the cursor. I have also increased the cursor icon and made it black for better visibility.

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