Can't access files in home directory of another distro.

I have Ubuntu installed and I see nothing in home directory of Ubuntu's home partition and from Ubuntu I also can't see Manjaro's stuff. I think I've never had this with any other distros before Manjaro.

Do you know which UID your user has under Ubuntu and which under Manjaro? Maybe they differ and all your files and folders only can be seen by just the owner.


May be. So Ubuntu flavors have the same UID by defefault, can it be so ?

I think so.

By default, both ubuntu and manjaro start the user number scheme at 1000. Look in /etc/passwd on both systems to see what your UIDs are in both.

It's 1000 in both systems.

Do you have separate partitions for /home? If so, are they mounted?

How they could be not mounted if I opening directory inside of /home?
I have separate /home's on both systems.

They would have to be separately mounted/accessed because the "second" OS doesn't know to mount them inside of /home. How are you accessing them now?

I assume you wanted to say "doesn't know how to mount them".
I reboot and boot into another system and copy files to an external storage.

Still is not clear why Ubuntus didn't have such problem.

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