can't access to my own created topic

2 month ago I created a topic , which I can't access now . I confirm the topic was created by myself . I searched google and my topic is in the google cached pages , but the comments are not stored in the cache
but when I try the real page it says :

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Who have deleted my topic? (or made it private)
how can I access my topic?

Moved to #meta from #newbies as the question concerns the forum itself.

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It looks like you deleted your first post which took the topic with it.

It appears you deleted it yourself. Would you like me to undelete it ?

@dalto boo hiss.

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yes . please undelete . I need some information from that topic

ok. try now.

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In the future, please don't delete your topics once they are answered. They can be a valuable resource for someone else. Or, in this case, yourself.


the topic was not responded after hours , so I thought this was a stupid question (then I pressed the delete button) . that was a bad idea . I try to never delete a topic again


thanks a lot .
Is there an option so that I can undelete my deleted topic?

No. Topics aren't meant to removed and brought back for convenience purposes.


alright . maybe in future this could be added to manjaro-forums . giving people more control on their actions, in case of removing and reverting the removal

We don't want people deleting their posts once their problems have been solved.

Whenever we catch it, we revert it.

A big part of the purpose of this site is that other people can search for problems and find solutions. If people delete their posts it completely defeats that purpose. The answers to your posts are not solely for your benefit.


If anything, a feature that would be useful is that if a user deletes the first post of a thread, the thread stays up anyway (the first post is replaced by some generic message).

Giving the OP the ability to take down the entire thread into which other people invested time and effort is unfair and unreasonable, but on the other hand, it does not seem unreasonable to let one remove one's own posts (and nothing else).


again the topic is not accessible . I did'nt delete this time . what is wrong with this topic?

It should be back. It looks like the system deleted it again.

I will take a look at it.

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