Can't boot after dist update

Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie here, haven't used Arch/Manjaro since a while now. So I just updated my distro (Manjaro deepin) with pacman and now when I boot I get this error message:

I can't even type anything, the keyboard won't work.
Do you know what caused this or what I have to look for to debug this myself?

There are plenty of people with issues like this. I’d first try to chroot. Follow the guide for assistance, and best of luck :).

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Are you on the unstable branch? I had exactly the same problem yesterday after an update from kernel. to 5.2.02. I have always a second kernel installed. Booting with this older kernel, downgrading to the previous version of kernel 5 and reinstalling the kernel helped. Otherwise you need to use the method already suggested, i.e. to boot into a live system and restore the previous status using chroot. I usually switch temporarily to the stable branch in this situation, with

sudo pacman-mirrors -B stable --api
sudo pacman -Suuyy

However, this coincidence suggest that there is a more serious problem with the update procedure.

I think I'm on the stable branch excepted if by default it's another branch which is selected. Here is the version of my kernel: 4.19.28-1-MANJARO. I've run your commands and nothing has been updated so I believe I was already on the release branch. I can boot on the fallback option in grub too. But from here I have no idea what to do. The guide of @SlayerProof32 didn't help me either :frowning:

Sorry. I didn’t know you could boot with the fallback option.You may want to run sudo mkinitcpio -p. That may fix it.
If that fails, try removing kernel 4.19, then installing it again.

Thanks, I finally fixed it by messing around with the Manjaro mhwd by reinstalling the latest stable kernel. I can't tell how it fixed itself exactly but it did, now I'll have a backup with time shift everytime before attempting an upgrade lol.

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