Can't boot after last upgrade

Xfce edition. Is it possible to fix this issue?

I’d start with this tutorial.

When in chroot, try running fsck -fy on all your disks.

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Finally nothing helped. All file systems totally corrupted on two manjaro xfce PC. Both of them have one system ext4 partition and second bcache partition. I think it incompatibility between last update and bcache. But I don't understand how update can destroy regular ext4 system partition.
P.S. It’s good that all backups were stored on a network drive.

You can't mount these partitions from a live ISO?

Yes. Can't mount. Bad superblock.

Are they LUKS encrypted? If so, try using an 18.04 preview to mount them as there can be issues with LUKS on the 17.03 images.

If lsblk -f shows the partitions try to run fsck (or e2fsck) on it.

If not, do you have a older Gigabtye motherboard? 3TB HDD, GPT, EXT4 HPA enabled, [SOLVED]

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