Can't boot an installer image

Writing the installer

The Manjaro installer images can be written to a USB disk in several ways. There are three which are known to work:

  1. Etcher
  2. Rufus (selecting "dd mode")
  3. A plain sudo dd if=manjaro.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=4M status=progress

Other tools (e.g. unetbootin) will not work.

If you are using one of the three methods, but it still doesn't boot, you should verify the image checksum is correct.

Verify the installer image

You should verify that the installer image has downloaded correctly. Read from page 19 of the User Guide or the "How to verify our install media" instructions on the Get Manjaro page.

Driver selection

Hardware with an AMD GPU should select the "Free" driver option. The "non-free" option will install fglrx, an unmaintained option for very old hardware.

Hardware with only an NVIDIA GPU can select "free" to install nouveau or "non-free" to install nvidia.

Optimus-based laptops can be difficult to get working. The "Free" driver option should work. Selecting the "non-free" option will install bumblebee which may not work for a selection of laptops. Search the forum for your laptop model.


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