Cant boot fresh install 17.1

It sometimes boots, sometimes not. As it wasn't allowing me to another tty when I got a black screen I was assuming a hang. Maybe I wasn't being patient enough (waiting around 1min, normal boot is about 18s on Ubuntu at worst, 12s at best, according to systemd-analyse.)

Next time I seem to have a black screen I'll give it at least five minutes before doing a hard reboot....

Using XFCE, it's always been my favourite DE and that the main version of Majaro using it was a positive selling point.
I've changed my Custom Boot line to use the Manjaro Grub, as mentioned above the fault now appears to be intermittent..... (OT: I assume this means if I upgrade a kernel version on Ubuntu I'l have to log into Manjaro and do an update-grub otherwise the Grub efi entry I'm now using it wont have been upgraded??)


in Ubuntu Grub custom.cfg
If you mean on UEFI boot you always boot on Manjaro, then either choose your Ubuntu entry manually, or "Yes" you have to update Manjaro Grub (if you use Manjaro grub to boot to Ubuntu.

I hope it's not confusing.. :thinking:

Had to read it twice but this seems to confirm what I suspected.

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Or use a custom.cfg for Ubuntu (in Manjaro /boot/grub/).
Look here for "A fallback alternative"

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Just asking to be sure, do you only have one disk?
Your 'parted -l' shows only one disk, sda.
If you have more, provide full output of 'parted -l'
And Ubuntu on the same disk?

One disk. Ubuntu is sda2 on it.

Okay. But now your bpastebin shows a 404.
Can you print out again the following...

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
efibootmgr -v
ls /etc/grub.d
cat /proc/cmdline

Can I attach the .txt file I uploaded to bpastebin directly here? I can't see any way to attach anything but images to a post.... (It's longer than I would like to put in code tags really.) (I had left the site on the defaults which I thought was one week expiry so sorry it's gone already.)

Not currently on the Manjaro partition so you may have to wait a little for the couple of those commands there weren't in the original file I generated by redirecting the original commands asked for.

EDIT: Actually the only one that weren't ran were ls and cat commands so I can run them from my other install without rebooting.... Coming up below.

Original file uploaded again (2 weeks expiry)

Additional bits ran from within Ubuntu session (which I guess is why proc is empty, as nothing has been processed and it must clear on shutdown...)

$ ls etc/grub.d/
00_header  10_linux  20_linux_xen  30_os-prober  40_custom  41_custom  60_memtest86+  README

$ ls -la etc/grub.d/
total 76
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 Jul  1 09:17 .
drwxr-xr-x 86 root root  4096 Aug 29 14:13 ..
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root  8871 Jun  1 18:26 00_header
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 11990 Jun  1 18:26 10_linux
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 11465 Jun  1 18:26 20_linux_xen
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 11334 Jun  1 18:26 30_os-prober
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root   214 Jun  1 18:26 40_custom
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root   216 Jun  1 18:26 41_custom
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root  1219 Aug  3  2016 60_memtest86+
-rw-r--r--  1 root root   483 Jun  1 18:26 README

$ cat proc/cmdline
cat: proc/cmdline: No such file or directory

$ ls -la ./proc/
total 12
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 Aug 28 16:33 .
drwxr-xr-x 17 root root 4096 Aug 29 13:49 ..

Until you solve the multiple bootentries of Ubuntu, and here I assume you can boot Ubuntu using Ubuntu's grub (using shim), instead of using petsam's link {custom.cfg - configfile} , use this menuentry for Manjaro instead in Ubuntu /boot/grub/custom.cfg

menuentry "Manjaro - Multiboot "  {
    insmod part_gpt
    insmod ext2
    insmod chain
    search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root  67559c36-b124-4b93-b529-a15f2b4931e2
    chainloader /boot/grub/x86_64-efi/core.efi

Reason being, you are booting up Ubuntu using shim.
Configfile method will still use the 'shim' grub to boot Manjaro which won't work.
Multiboot method will switch to using Manjaro grub which does not use 'shim'.

It's still taking me four or five attempts to get Manjaro to start, no matter how long I wait on a failed boot it never reaches the login screen or gives me access to another tty. If it's going to take me 20-30 minutes just to get the OS to boot this really isn't going to be useable for me! :frowning:

I wish I understood what all this meant.

I have been trying to boot into Manjaro from the Manjaro grubx64.efi menu, no the Ubuntu one, yet still have the problem of it usually failing to get to login screen. I have changed my BIOS Custom Boot line from the one for Ubuntu to represent this and take me to it all the time unless I force it not to. The solution you gave me above would be for adding a menu entry to the Ubuntu grub file I'm no longer even using (although it would prevent me from having to update the grub within Manjaro to pick up a kernel update in Ubuntu so it may still have its uses) correct? So wont address the issue I can't boot using the Majaro Grub menu.

I'm afraid I don't know anything about shim, except the fact there is a shim file in the EFI directories where I browse to to access the grubx64.efi file to boot to the grub menu from the grub generated by whichever distro.

Do you have a concrete way of phrasing what is wrong with how HP have implemented the EFI which I could take to them as a complaint again, asking why there have been multiple BIOS updates since I've seen it raised (and commented on) multiple times?? I'm thinking more about the additional Ubuntu lines being added spuriously, rather than them only looking in the one EFI directory unless you set a Custom Boot. Not that I suspect it would help much.....

Is there another bootloader which may be worth trying? I know I have read about alternatives but can't remember the names and would be good to hear from you that they're recommended before trying to migrate.

If you are no longer using Ubuntu and I do not see any other OS there... I have a suggestion which I you will have no problems with. And meets your request below.

Use bios-legacy grub. Reinstall Manjaro.

  1. First, use gparted (from an external source like a livecd OS or from a gparted cd) to make your disk msdos partitioned.
  2. At gparted at device tab (at top of gparted gui)
    Device --> Created Table --> Select msdos --> Create
    Note this will erase all data in your disk.
  3. Make partitions in ext4 format.
    Suggest you make 4 partitions, though only one is required for Manjaro OS.
  4. Install Manjaro. Boot up install media in bios-legacy.

Some here have similar difficulty using HP in uefi. They had resorted to install Manjaro in bios-legacy. I think it would suit you as well.
Good luck.

This is not a "boot" problem, even if it is during starting your PC.
The "boot process" is supposed to be "the bootloader is passing control to the installed system", which is successful on your system, if I understood your feedback.

Your "new" second problem is Xorg and/or LightDM failing to start successfully.
Now you need, either to create another topic, or give more info about it.
I would also suggest to install a newer kernel, like 4.18.

Boot straight to TTY and get logs

sudo systemctl status lightdm
 ##  if it is inactive/dead then try starting, or else restart to get errors
sudo systemctl start lightdm
sudo systemctl restart lightdm
journalctl -p 3

Before doing the above, I suggest you confirm system update and install another kernel

sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux418
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Thank you so much for all your help in here thus far petsam. I'm away for a few days now so wont get the chance to do any testing just yet but I will try and research further and if the issue continues and I managed to find more details on exactly when/why I'll do as you suggest and start a new topic with a more accurate title for the real issue.

As to kernel, as I do plan to do some audio work with it once I get stable I will be looking to the the rt kernel. I did install one, although through the GUI (and it was older, not newer) and on that thus far I've had the same intermittent issues with getting to the login screen sometimes but not others.

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