Can't boot from live usb, stuck on started tlp system/shutdown

Hey everyone, i'm new to manjaro, im trying to boot the KDE edition from a live usb but it always gets stuck on started tlp system/shutdown. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 320 AMD edition with an A6 9220 CPU and an AMD R4 integrated GPU and it support UEFI. I've tried using both xfce and KDE edition and with both Free and Non-Free drivers. I'm using Etcher to create a live usb and it has worked on another older laptop but not the Ideapad. Im pretty new to manjaro so pls help.

I am as green as you are so cannot help I am afraid. However, this is the exact same point that my boot of KDE version fails with the same result (see my post yesterday - So you are not alone it seems. I have tried everything you have and a few more possibilities but no joy. In my case it is an iso burned on a DVD but otherwise identical situation.

Have you got the opportunity to try a boot on a different PC? The reason I ask is that I can get it to boot on a spare PC but not on the one I want to have it on!!

Yeah i can get it to boot on another older PC but not the one i actually want to use.

I believe I used to get that before when I had my old laptop. Try writing the .iso again but with Rufus. Might work then.

Have you tried Rufus?

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