Can't boot into Manjaro after BIOS update

I have a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Manjaro. I updated my BIOS through Windows, which reset my BIOS settings to default. Now Manjaro doesn't show up in the boot menu. I booted into a USB that has Manjaro on it and ran lsblk and nothing shows up regarding my entire SSD (this is my only drive on my laptop). I only just realized that the settings were reset so when I went and disable secure boot/fast boot and switched storage mode to AHCI only then I was able to detect the SSD partitions through the live usb. I am still unable to boot into my linux partition though. I instantly chrooted into my linux system in order to copy over my important files.

What I need help with is, now that I know my partition hasn't been wiped and everything is still there, how can I boot into it again? I'm fairly new so I'd appreciate it if someone can point me towards where the issue is, because at this point I'm not sure what to google.

You could have a read of this Manjaro wiki page:

Though really, it does make it all seem too hard. imho

If you download the Super GRUB 2 Disk from here:

It will make your life much easier in the future. :wink:

Thanks a lot for your response, the steps from your link worked. I ran into another issue though, which probably deserves its own thread but I'll ask it here while I'm at it:

I am unable to boot into windows unless I set my storage mode to RST, and I am unable to boot into Manjaro unless I set my storage mode to AHCI. If I enter manjaro in RST it drops me into an emergency shell, and if I enter windows in AHCI it blue screens me. Do you happen to know anything about this or could this be a consequence of the BIOS update I installed? Before this issue Windows Boot Manager used to show up in my Manjaro boot menu but it does not anymore.

I'm glad that you've made progress. :slight_smile:
I don't know about the current problem. Perhaps there is a different option that you can use with the super grub2 disk? I know that in the past I managed to get my triple booting system to boot using more than one of the options on the sg2d.

Beyond that I'd be searching the web for clues. There will be an answer, & getting there is a whole lot more comfortable if patience is friendly companion. :wink:

This is a known issue - as grub cannot understand the firmware based raid - also know as FakeRAID. You cannot get Linux and Windows to coexist on a FakeRAID device.

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