Cant boot into OS after disconnecting ssd from MB [SOLVED]

hi guys, i lost my manjaro after disconnecting my SSD from mainboard...
my SSD is GPT , pls help me restor my grub.
i wonder why this happens to no other distroes and just for Manjaro?

Use the first post here to get back your grub.

If your ssd is external or you need to disconnect the ssd often, then you will need to add


to your 'grub-install' commands.
BTW, it also happen to other distros., but if you can explain, I like to know why you say it does not.
But perhaps they are on bios-legacy and mbr is in the internal drive (which you did not disconnect)?

my SSD is not external, its a regular like HDD conected via SATA port, sometimes it must be disconnected cause of hackintosh installing or some other reasons, i'm going to fallow your post commands. Tnx for your answer

Probably because you didn't set it up in the same way?

I fix it from first reply, but now i have an other problem on booting:


There are many threads on the forum:


Tnx for your quick reply, it was a swap partition that no longer exists, actually i had a swap part on my old ssd that was connecting yesterday to PC.

  1. Then remove that swap entry from fstab.
  2. Check that you do not have it in /etc/default/grub, the resume=UUID=xxxxxxxxxxx part in some LINUX line.
    If you change /etc/default/grub, do 'sudo update-grub'
  3. remove 'resume' (if you not have any swap anywhere) from HOOKS line in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and do 'sudo mkdinitcpio -P'

Thank you guys, i fix all my problems with your assistances

$ sudo grub-install /dev/sdb --removable
$ sudo update-grub

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