Can't boot into Windows 10 after reinstalling Manjaro

and in the process of trying to fix it I messed things up further lol. Here is the output for gparted:

Nothing close to your situation among the many existing threads?

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It's a mess, my laptop supports UEFI but it was using MBR for some reason. I followed this guide and formatted the boot drive from ntfs to FAT32(it wouldn't work with the BIOS subsection) and was able to boot into Manjaro, but I didn't know and couldn't find out if it'd make it impossible for me to boot into Windows so I reformatted the boot drive to ntfs, I'm really confused what to do now, each forum leads to another forum and another guide XD please help

Use this to boot to manjaro. In bios-legacy.
If you had formatted the manjaro boot partition to ntfs, it won't boot, but not sure if this is what you meant.

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My experience shows that any tinkering with Windows boot partition usually borks it out (some hashes or sums aren't the same and windows won't accept it) so you need to use Windows restoration discs to repair the boot. In case of MBR there is no clear where the boot resides so boot partition should be untouchable.

This is why I don't like MBR, too messy and overlapping with Windows in unforeseeable ways. Sometimes it works like a charm, sometimes Linux won't boot, sometimes Windows won't boot... UEFI may have additional layer that complicates things but is more predictable and it separates boots clearly.

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