Can't boot, no inittab file found, enter runlevel


I have used manjaro linux for a while but lately i have been really strugling with it, to the point I am considering changing distros.

Recently I wiped my computer and installed the latest Manjaro GNOME Edition (17.1.10), with different partitions for boot, home and root. Everything seemed to work fine, until my computer battery died.

I am not sure if I did some software update or not, but the thing is that now I can't boot. I get the error "no inittab file found, enter runlevel. No matter what runtime i enter, it won't work.

Checking with a livecd i see no /etc/inittab. Any tips?


Is it possible that your /boot ended up on a different disk, (or usb stick), or that your machine lost settings in the bios when it ran out of power?

Are you sure there is a bootable partition on your disk?

Did you mount your hard disk's /root somewhere after booting with live CD?

The /boot was fine. I was able to get into the system very normal before this happened. I was now into a livecd and I could mount whatever partition I wanted, the data is there. Inittab file is missing though, can't find it on /etc/ which is where is supposed to be right? I can't believe the whole system breaks just because you run out of battery, that shouldn't be that way!

inittab is no more.
Its a systemd world.

Your problem is not the lack of inittab. Post more symptoms for a better answer.

Alright! Well there're no many other symptoms, besides the fact I can't boot.. I found in other arch forums people recommending to reinstall but I don't want to spend hours setting up all my programs again.

What I see when I try to boot manjaro is the following:

Starting version 238
/dev/sda7: clean xxx/xxx files, xxx/xxx blocks
INIT: version 2.88 booting
INIT: no inittab file found

Enter runlevel: X
INIT: entering runlevel X
INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

Being sda7 where my / is installed.

Is there something I can maybe look for from A livecd?

Thanks for your help.

Can you boot from the install media into the installed system? If that works, then once you are in your system, just run from terminal:
sudo pacman -Syyu
so you are sure you have the system updated
then update grub
sudo update-grub

If you can't boot from the install media to your installed system, you might have to restore the boot loader on the installed system, by chroot, following this

or better this

Will try that! I did update-grub yesterday and it didn't work, but I certainly didn't try to reinstall it, maybe that would do.

Yeah I understood #2. How to boot into my installed system then? That's exactly what I'm trying to do and I get those error messages..

That option I see when I run the manjaro livecd. I am using EFI yes, so I will try that one. Thanks for the further clarification!!

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