Cant Boot to Manjaro

Hi all,

I am using Matlab on Manjaro, but it gives some problems with OpenGL, particularly in the case of using hardware OpenGL. so when I try to plot more the less complex figures, Matlab warns me that it switches to software OpenGL and some plots maybe are not rendered properly.
I googled it and it Matlab page it was said that possible reason could be graphic cards driver.
In my system, it is Intel HD graphics 520.
I looked at Manjaro settings Drivers section and decided to try the other option for graphic card drivers (open source), which I guess was named vesa.
I installed it and after a restart, I am not able to boot my system.

it stacks in the black screen with the following on it

[   0.289125] platform MSFT0101:00: failed to claim resource 1
[   0.281311] acpi MSFT0101:00: platform device creation failed: -16
starting version 231
/dev/sda1: clean, 813215/15056896 files, 13917700/60205807 blocks

So, please, how can I fix this. first to be able to start the system and in general solve this openGL issues with matlab.

Chroot into your system and reinstall the graphics drivers.

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If you installed the free video-drivers (that
broke your system), then try installing the non-free video-drivers using
the following command (while chrooted):

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

If you installed the non-free video-drivers (that broke your system),
then try installing the free video drivers using the following command
(while chrooted):

sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

From @Heart-Of-A-Lion - credit where due :smiley:

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Thanks a lot, I'll just try that out :slight_smile:
anyway, can I just do the same, but without chrooting, from tty2 screen? I can access that

Yes you can.

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So after some struggle, I was able to boot in my system :slight_smile: Thanks a lot :wink:
from tty2 I removed all graphic drivers, as well as gnome session and then reinstalled everything and that helped :smiley:
Meanwhile, I tried to install catalyst, which messed everything up and was not allowing me to remove it afterward as it has conflicting dependencies with gdm. That is why I had to remove gdm to be able to remove catalyst again. :slight_smile:

By the way, just trying to do

sudo mhwd -i pci nonfree 0300

didn't help, as it was saying that is already configured. Here is why I went to that catalyst root.

sudo mhwd -i pci nonfree 0300 --force

btw video-vesa is actually broken on AMD and Intel hardware, because vesa xorg can not handle Kernel modesettings and wont start Xorg, on the other hand AMDGPU/Radeon and intels Kernel module enforce Kernel Modesettings.

So to use vesa (nobody wants this) it would need to set nomodeset as bootoption.

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Thanks @anon35400795 for your explanation, now I will not try to use vesa anymore :slight_smile:

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