Can't change or update inxi entry

Referring to thread Dump your inxi -Fxzc0 here and bookmark it:

I've noticed i can't change my inxi entry anymore. Can this be unlocked somehow or it's by design ? In case somebody wants to update his entry reflecting any minor or major changes in hardware, what may be the righteous way to do it ?

Folks who show up often store their system info here and bookmark it. Keeps a thread clean because only a link is shared.

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I believe the default is three months, but can be changed by an admin. Also, anyone at TL4 can edit.

Edit: Maybe create a new comment with your new information as a reply to your old comment and include a link to the old comment saying something like "Outdated, disregard".

Yeah, I already noticed that. It would be better to remove the locking feature on that topic (or increase the limit considerably).

A workaround would be to make the topic a wiki, but then everybody would be able to edit your post.

That's a bummer. Will dumping duplicate entries by a user over a period of ~5 years in any way create problems with the forum ? All those boatloads of wasted kilobytes of abandoned text.

unless manjaro doesn't survive that long, which is quite likely in today's world

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