Can't choose folders on Deja Dup & Timeshift

Hi everyone
I can't choose any folder on Deja Dup
I can just select files

When I select a folder:

And hit ok, it opens the folder, not choosing it

Also I have to mention I have a similar problem with timeshift
I DID select which folders to include but when I close the setting, it'll be back to default

Still waiting...

The folders in your Timeshft screenshot are excluded, not included. Notice the :no_entry_sign: symbol? :wink:

Please don't impatiently bump your post. If someone has time to answer, they will. Providing more details to help us help you would encourage us.

Got the same issue with dejaDup, don't use TimeShift got Snapper going.
Tried installing nautilus and removed Dolphin (kde plasma desktop)
that didn't help.

I guess lots of people have this problem
Now I'm using backintime and it's quite great
I recommend it:)

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