Can't click after update

Hello folks!

Aware of the nightmare that arch can be for average linux users, I've firstly installed Timeshift in order to restore the system, in case it breaks.

Using the the lastest kde image version available on manjaro webpage, I'm not able to install updates in my system. If so, the system stops responding to clicks.

I've been trying to update it through the command

sudo pacman -Syu

If I do so, I'm not able to use the system. I am no able to click anywhere. Even now after timeshift, I'm not able to click on Login on login screen. Beside that, I'm able to use the system.

What can be causing the problem?

Start with this: How to provide good information

Then explain, in detail, what you did to get updates and what Timeshift has to do with it. At the moment your story doesn't make any sense: you mention a terminal command but also write about not being able to click anywhere.
The more and the better info you have the more chances you have to get an answer which will help you.


Sorry pal and thanks for this initial help. As a complete newbie to arch linux, manjaro and its forum, I am a little confused about how to post, where and how. I just rolled back the system with Timeshift to its initial config and I am reading the forums and personal opinions on how to properly update the system, in order not to break it.

Again, thanks for the support!

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