Can't complement the i3 distro enough

This is the nicest implementation of i3 I've ever seen. I came close to replicating it on another distro, but it took me 3 days on and off to do it.

Manjaro as a whole works especially well on my laptop (other than some grub issues that were admittedly close to deal-breaking).

dmenu_recency is a godsend. compton and conky working great. just installed libinput-gestures and it's working out of the box. I also noticed power management (i.e. fans spinning up) is actually working better than Windows, which is a first for me.

This is a fantastic distro.


I just heard of i3 Iā€™m gonna dl it and start using it. I really got hooked on Linux from the 15ubuntu hotkeys. I barely had to use the mouse. I want to learn more using i3 :nerd_face:


After setting up i3 you don't necessarily learn more, except how to customize them to do what you want. Tiling wm's though are really nice and fast, and I'm using them to great effect on some older hardware. It does encourage one to use the terminal more though, so I guess that's something:
use rtv for reddit
mpsyt to watch youtube videos
weechat for IRC.
Even went back to using vi/vim after years of using nano/pico

Makes you cool again ;-D

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