Can't connect network printer to my RPi4

I would very much like to use Manjaro on the Raspberry Pi 4 as my main desktop computer. To do this I need to install my Brother MFC-J870DW printer which is running on my LAN. Here is what I tried so far (I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to get it right!).
The wiki says to install the manjaro-printer package, but that is not available in the Pi4 repositories (neither with "add-remove software" nor via the command line).
So I looked at what is available via add-remove software and installed both the CUPS web interface and the Configure Printer software. The Brother website was almost helpful, they have packages for both RPM and DEB, neither of which will work on Manjaro. I enabled the AUR repository and found a file for my MFC-J870DW but it said that file was not available for the arm64 architecture. Using CUPS I found my printer on the LAN (I know its IP address). I also downloaded the RPM package from Brother and unzipped it, and found a PPD file. So I moved the PPD file to the requested directory but the printer does not work. Commands like "print test page", seem to vanish into the either.
I may be entirely on the wrong track. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Well I installed dpkg successfully but got numerous errors when running the Brother .deb files, even when using su to be root and --force. No such file or directory, invalid user lp, lots of i386 file names, and more. I am not really able to debug shell scripts.

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