Can't connect to A2DP profile for Bluetooth Headset

After I connected a Bluetooth headphone to my PC (Manjaro Gnome) and the sounds were in very poor quality. I opened sound settings and noticed the HSP/HFP sound configuration was selected. I changed the configuration to the A2DP Sink and hoped the sound will be improved. But the sound quality was the same as before. I headed over to sound settings again and saw that the configuration was changed to HSP/HFP again. After failing to change the configuration through the GUI, I searched and found numerous people faced the same problem too.

I found this solution on the ArchWiki. And tried every possible solution stated here. But couldn't change the driver to A2DP from HSP/HFP.

Please help me fix the problem.

I found a solution. Installed pulseaudio-bluetooth-a2dp-gdm-fix and restarted my pc. Then when I connected to my Bluetooth headphone again it was selected to A2DP by default and the sound quality improved a lot.

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