"Can't detect file type" and "Filter failed" Errors on HP LaserJet Professional P1102 after Manjaro 19.0.2 update

Thanks again for your kind effort to share your fix. However, running the cupstestppd on my printer's ppd file multiple times all showed PASS results.

Then I tried your suggestion to install cups-pdf as per @Vir's solution.

Still got the "filter failed" and "can't detect file type" errors. So I went to read @Vir's suggestions more carefully.

I search for cups-filters and found that the one installed on my machine was cups-filters-driverless.

So I run:

sudo pacman -S cups-filters

Which installs cups-filters and removed cups-filters-driverless. While my printer is still plugged in to my machine.

Installing cups-pdf and cups-filters then removing cups-filters-driverless SOLVED my printing problem. I can now hear that sweet sound of the printer warming up and start printing with no issue. For now.

Thanks again @Bleuzen for your kind instruction and also shout out to @Vir for his solution.

After the last upgrade, for me, the symptom was the print job just sat in the queue and nothing printed ("Processing Page 1"). There were no messages anywhere that indicated what the problem might be.

But this worked. Upgraded to 3.20.3. Thank you.

It does requires manual intervention.

Does anyone know what the problem was?

What will happen the next time I do a Manjaro upgrade, since I did a overwrite?

That fixed it for my Officejet.
I had to edit your URL since on 2020-03-23 I found a newer version.

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the package in the Arch repo will come to manjaro repositories soon. manjaro don't compile hplip, they just use the Arch packages. A minority of users are affected by a __pycache__ issue when updating. This can affect the Arch package too as they are one and the same:

Hopefully addressing the above:

I had to edit your URL since on 2020-03-23 I found a newer version.

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Hi all,
just another tip to get the printer working (Manjaro 19.0.2, hplip-version 3.20.3-2).
After trying all of the above suggested solutions and none of them worked, I run the "hp-plugin" command from the console. A GUI window opens and I chose to "Download and install the plug-in from an HP authorized server (recommended)".
I have got an error message that Manjaro 19.0.2 ist not in the AUTH-List of the HP-server and the downloaded files can therefore not be verified.
I proceeded anyway and after installation of the plug-in the printer has to be installed again (actually, this is done automatically after rebooting and switching on the printer again). Now the printer is working fine.

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