Can't drag and drop on vmware

Hello everyone
I installed vmware workstation pro a few days ago because I didn't like the way virtualbox was working
It's much better
The only problem I faced is that I'm unable to drag and drop from the virtual machine (Kali linux) to manjaro
I installed vmware tools and gtkmm(both gtkmm3 and gtkmm), also enabled the services related vmware:

  1. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-networks
  2. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-netcfg
  3. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-usbarbitrator
  4. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-vmblock-fuse
    Dragging and dropping from my pc to virtual machine is fine but the reverse faces an error on dolphin:
    The folder does not exists
    The only way to do so is by executing vmware-vmblock-fuse [destination]. For instance:
    vmware-vmblock-fuse Vmware/Kali
    It's really annoying to do this every time
    I'd be happy if someone can help me :slight_smile:

VMware Workstation Pro is paid software with vendor support channels.

While you may be able to install and run - VMware us unsupported on Manjaro.

Use a shared folder between host and guest instead of drag'n'drop - works much better.

Thanks but a shared folder between host and guest is insecure, isn't it?

Unless you are doing malware research and use the VM as a sandbox for studying - there is no reason it should be insecure?

You can make it available when needed - or if it is only from host to guest you can make it read-only.

If it is both ways you can just share a single folder - not your entire home.

Yes I'm studying security and malware researching
So I should just create a folder and change the ownership?
If for example my guest machine is infected(for any reason), then the attacker can make some damages to my host or not?

If you create a folder on the host for the sharing purpose only - and share this folder only - then your host system is secure.

I am confident you won't execute the malware outside its confinement :grin:

Where did this come from?

LOL Thanks again :slight_smile:
I try my best :grin:

Honestly, I typed it myself just for sure :joy:

I mean, my vmware install doesn't have that. Unless that is in the guest.

Really?! :confused:
Ok so there is a new problem now :joy:
BTW, i used it to somehow mount the guest and be able to share files

Also, have you installed openvm-tools or vmware-tools on your host?

No, only in the guests. Let me try that.

Do you get this:

systemctl status vmware-vmblock-fuse.service                                                                                                                            
● vmware-vmblock-fuse.service - VMware vmblock fuse mount
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/vmware-vmblock-fuse.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
     Active: inactive (dead)
  Condition: start condition failed at Tue 2020-06-09 10:33:23 CDT; 1s ago
             └─ ConditionVirtualization=vmware was not met

Well, I get another error:
Condition check resulted in VMware vmblock fuse mount being skipped.

I created a shared-folder
Now how can I access to it?

You need to add something like this in the guest /etc/fstab

.host:/                 /mnt/hgfs       fuse.vmhgfs-fuse        x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=10,x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min,allow_other 0 0

Isn't there a way to mount it temporary?

That just enables the individual folders you share you to show up underneath /mnt/hgfs

You can still control sharing through vmware.

Hey that worked!
Thank you so much
I love learning more about it
Can you explain your command in detail? :slight_smile:

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