Can't enter UEFI(BIOS) while doing dual boot on Manjaro.

Hi there.
I was trying to dual boot Manjaro linux and windows 10 on my laptop. And when i start installing manjaro i remembered that i forgot to create new partition table in windows for manjaro.And now i'm stuck in manjaro and can't enter the UEFI.
Every time i restart my laptop and try to access UEFI, by pressing F12,Del, or F2 nothing happaning and my laptop displays this15917150667407009196999506300734

and starts loading manjaro install menu.
My question is:
How access the UEFI.
edit 1:I don't install manjaro at all i just want access UEFI.
Advance thanks.

It seems you have nuked the partition table?

Can you boot the Manjaro ISO?

systemctl reboot --firmware

I run this in command terminal and...

It turned out that acer has different key combination for access UEFI. In my case it was Ctrl+F2. Anyways thanks for helping.

Well first off, that's PXE Boot(F12), only used if you plan booting via the Network.
Acer I see from the picture. What's the full model of that laptop so we can lookup your function keys?

Nevermind, I just scrolled down and saw that you resolved the issue. Good luck in your Manjaro journey.

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