Can't fork on gitlab

I want to add translation to

How come i can't fork ?
The Fork button is greyed out.

You can help with translations on Transifex:


You need to ask for write access first. :wink:

Can you give us the right contact to ask for this permission? I couldn't find it on

@Cubanpit is correct though. Translations for Manjaro Hello is done via Transifex, like most translations on Manjaro projects.

Yep, I am in the Italian team on Transifex, but I am also asking about Gitlab permissions for other purposes.
I admit I am going a little off-topic, but not too much. :slight_smile:

I'm also interested in contributing on gitlab. Is one supposed to ask permission for each project/repo or is this needed only once?

I would guess for each repo.

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It is not really open to new contributions if for every pull request a new user has to ask the maintainer the permission to fork the repository.
I hope it is possible to obtain a less strict condition for new users. Is there a high risk of spam?

That and the point that it's hosted on Manjaro's own servers, which does not have limitless storage and Manjaro is accountable for everything that is on it.
So it's a way to better control what and how much goes on the server.

The string from the .desktop file ("A tool providing access to documentation and support for new Manjaro users.") is not found in the translation on Transifex.
But if the string was added to Transifex it would be better and i would not need to fork.

So can someone add the strings used in the .desktop file to Transifex so its in the same place?

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