Can't install bluez-ps3

I'm trying to make my controller (DS3) work wirelessly but when I install it, it always gets stuck in Fail: unit/test-gatt (If you need the whole log just reply to me). Please help. TIA

Additional Details:
It gets stuck on both the GUI and through terminal.
When I press cancel and try to install again, it says Waiting for another package manager to finish

That's the strangest thing. It doesn't output an error message, It just gets stuck. I'm trying to install it again to know where I was getting stuck.

I updated the main post. I hope that gives some info.

Anyone has a resolution for this? I am having this issue also

bump. I'm wandering aimlessly to find a solution to this, or another way to get my dualshock 3 to work wirelessly.

What kernel are you using? I just updated my kernel and a notification popped up saying that I can now use controller wirelessly.

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