can't install cmake-format

Recently an update for cmake-format was added to the AUR repository.
The new update's version is 0.6.11-1.
However, the compilation fails with something like this (translation from my locale language):

==> Checking source files using sha512sums...
    cmake-format-0.6.11.tar.gz ... DOES NOT MATCH

Deleting /var/tmp/pamac-build-zkoza/cmake-format does not help.
Downgrading is not recommended ("ALA repo").

What can be wrong and how to fix it?

Have you seen:

There is no relation with his problem..
SSH hostkeys change is "important" for AUR package maintener when they connect to AUR to put or update package.
Not for AUR user when they install package.

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That's a valid error. I verified that the sums do not match.

You can either edit the PKGBUILD yourself with the proper SHA512sum and build it with makepkg, or put a comment for the maintainer on it's AUR page and wait for the maintainer to update it.

you can change PKGBUILD

here line




or check sha512sum

sha512sum cmake_format-0.6.11.tar.gz 
be6f7775b8f6df37c6210c86245e72306648d0a3a6ddae1583ae61ad44cbd585a82bb904bde9f53d4e889a56a056837a9584cec842f07015da991419018d870c  cmake_format-0.6.11.tar.gz

Thanks, setting


solved my problem.

Oh, did you run updpkgsums before makepkg?

I simply edited the PKGBUILD file and ten re-ran the visual updater (Pamac). Before that I cleaned (from Pamac) the cache and anything related to AUR, updated the databases, even temporarily switched the AUR off and on hoping that this may clean the caches or reset the configuration, if this was the problem. I don't know anything about the package system, so except from editing PKGBUILD, I did not use the console.

This, dear readers, is exactly how this kind of crap gets installed on Linux systems:

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I've informed the maintainer and "just in case" uninstalled the package. The contents of the tar.gz file is a git repo which, except for my change to PKGBUILD, is identical to so I hope everything i OK, but let's wait for the maintainer.

The maintainer has updated the key. All works fine.

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