Can't install from DVD or USB// Black Screen on Boot

Good day

There is a problem with Either my screen size
Or Something else I can't figure out

I have Download Manjarno. On a CD. And on USB

Both boot up and then a black screen

Can any one help

Can you give some hardware information?

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Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Processor

Asus Motherboard H-270 PRO

VIDEO CARD Nvidea GTX 1070



Thank you

Have you done this already?

  • disable safe boot in firmware
  • disable fast boot in firmware/Windows
  • disabled intel virtualization in firmware

Check if you can choose in your firmware that usb should be bootable drive.

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I downloaded this Edition


I assume your Windows is installed in UEFI/GPT mode. In this case you also should boot the stick or CD in UEFI mode.

I will try this again Because i already uninstalled

so now i am back on windows

Just a fast question do you think it is this Edition that is causing the problem ?

I don't think so but it's worth trying first another edition.

Please make sure to verify how Windows is installed, this is essential for a dual boot. Windows and Manjaro should be installed in the same mode.

Before starting any install I would recommend to read this tutorial:

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