can't install manjaro from usb on dell inspiron laptop

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I really don't know the exact setup I want. I tried Linux Mint and preferred Manjaro. I don't know which partition is best for me. I would be content just to run Manjaro on my computer. So, I guess I need to start again and erase what's on the computer and then install Manjaro? Thank you for your patience and help.

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I am sorry I think Manjaro is not for you. If you want to use Linux try some other distro for complete new people to PC world. Manjaro is not hardcore but needs more knowledge then click and double click. It seem you do not have any idea what HW in your pc means. It is not bad no one knows everything. It takes some time to learn these things.

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Then why did you do this?

As @Marte noted, we can't really help you until we have better answers to help. Installing Manjaro is in my opinion the exact same difficulty as installing Mint. You should install in UEFI, with Secureboot off. The manjaro wiki, google and lots of places can help you with that. You should NOT changed that after you install. I don't know where you got the idea to do that in the first place, but you did. Don't do that again.

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Okay, I will try this. Thank you.

Okay, it worked after I installed it on UEFI. Thank you very much.

If this has been solved, please mark the reply that was the solution, so that way it won't show up as needing help still. Thank you.

Just to add to this, sometimes you won't even see the advanced options until you create a password in the BIOS. Most of the time though, the advanced options are just grayed out. Depends on the Manufacturer.

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