Can't install Manjaro on UEFI Mode.

Hello guys :wave:

So I have problems since I bought this PC by parts. I already installed Windows, and works fine. But as a developer, I prefer linux systems. So I want to put manjaro. (Already tried a thousand times with Ubuntu, but it freezes and can't really understand the problem of it)

Already changed on Bios, only UEFI and disable secureboot. (Ican't put the image here, only one for new users...)

I have done everything from this tutorial shows but without success and can't understand the problem.

I dont understand the part to put as DD Mode my bootable USB, and I think maybe can be the problem.

But the strange thing is, I can go to the setup, I chose Boot on and have graphical issues, so I changed (on setup) driver=nonfree and it only has a dark screen.

And if I need a particular step on bootable (with RUFUS), I don't have so many options (print below)

download (1)

So anybody knows what is the real problem? And if you want to know my specs are:

Many thanks

Pedro Cruz

change Rufus for Etcher.

with Etcher doesn't appear my USB on Bootable menu :confused:

have you checked in bios
secure boot disabled , csm disabled , EFI others , drives on AHCI no fast boot , maybe USB mass storage on

oops my bad, i changed the port of my USB, and everything is fine... And when i boot i'm getting this


Secure Boot is disabled
CSM is disabled
SATA Mode --> AHCI
This board doesnt have Fast Boot option (AM4 Chipset)

check all cables and connectors
maybe a clear mos if possible , shudown and restart

Can you explain what's a "clear mos" ?
conectors and cables are just fine. Everything is working.

reset on motherboard
can you tell whichi video connectors you are using ?
keep only one screen

ok i'll do that, and after i will share here :slight_smile: Thanks

I'm using from graphic board, DPI (I dont know you you're meaning this)

Already have reset, nothing. And put the same config, UEFI disabled, secure boot as well :expressionless:

can you give more info
on the motherboard , cpu and video card ?
you mean DP connexion to your screen ?

exactly DP connetion from the graphic video.

All my spec are here:


site : Linux Non supporté / Linux not supported

thats weird....
Ok, my board is a MSI x570 Gaming Plus
CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
Graphic card - NVidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super

have you selected non free driver on boot ?

ok now i did it! But happens the same as Ubuntu: freezes :frowning: after.a few seconds (just click on Launch Installer) and totally freezes and reboot....

apparently, is not freezing on second time, but can't move my mouse and keyboard. Any suggestion on this?


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