can't install manjaro, screen goes black

i running manjaro 5 months ago with my gtx 1050ti and i change my gpu to rx 570 but with secondhand condition. i reset manjaro by fresh install it and i can't log in into desktop installer, the screen just show black, but i can login to windows normally. is it hardware failure or something else?

Did you select the free drivers when installing ?
As much as I know the new amd gpus aren't supported by the old radeon non-free drivers. It's most likely a driver issue if it's working on windows.

i got same result when i use non-free driver sir. what i do next?

I meant to say that you try using the free drivers since the non-free ones aren't gonna work so try that if you haven't yet, also try following instructions in this post just to check you have the correct windows/bios settings as they are known to cause issues with booting.
Also if you're still having problems this thread would probably be worth checking out.

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