Can't install Nvidia drivers for gtx 960m on Inspiron 7559

I'm running Manjaro and Ubuntu dual boot on my laptop because I couldn't configure bumblebee to work in Ubuntu 18.04. However I can't seem to get Nvidia driver to work in Manjaro. I've installed every available driver (with or without bumblebee) but everytime I'm faced with a black screen on reboot. The keyboard won't be working so I can't even log in to TTY. My only option is to boot a live usb Manjaro, use manjaro-chroot to mount the partition and uninstall the driver. I've been following:

Can someone please help me with this?

First off, if you are going to ask for help, you need to give more information than what you have. Follow this post:

Next, check out the following links.

You might need to add a kernel parameter.

I have had good luck with the acpi_rev_override=5 parameter and Dell laptops. The linked article above tells you how to add this parameter and have it work properly.

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