Can't log into Manjaro - cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option "nsdelegate"

This one worked for me. For accessing TTY2, you only have got to press ALT+F2, ALT+F3, ALT+F4 or ALT+F5.

That only if you changed the defaults. By default is Ctrl+Alt+F2 :slight_smile: Alt+F2 is invoking Plasma Search

OK, the nsdelegate message can be ignored, it only has to do with systemd 235 making a change that the LTS kernel doesn't have support for.


The weird thing - I rebooted and now all I can do is take a look at the login screen - no input can be performed with either the mouse or the keyboard. I've tried 3.12, 4.9 and 4.4

Do you know why? anyone? :slight_smile:

I have the same problem here. The system was updated yesterday via sudo pacman -Syyu and everything seemed fine. Today after a reboot, the system hangs right before login screen. I updated kernel linux49 to 413 and the problem persists but there's no message "cgroup... nsdelegate" on the screen anymore. Thanks to @philm, the workaround using tty and replacing sddm works fine, but the classic version is ugly as hell. I also tried to update to the kernel 414 available, but the system freezes during boot, so went back to 413. At least nothing major is broken, just an annoyance. Hope it can be fixed soon.

i got the same - cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option “nsdelegate” error.

i installed 17.0. 6 kde 64bit on my sony vaio intel centrino duo laptop. first boot went fine but after i rebooted then this error appeared and couldnt make on login page.

thank god i had 4.4 LTS kernel which gave no error and booting fine . but all 4.9LTS and all higher kernels upto 4.14 have this issue.

i am a kind of noob. so can anyone tell me if this has anything to do with sddm?? will it be resolved by dev for higher kernels ? or am i forever stuck on 4.4 kernel now ?

or is this error happening to everyones or only for 10yr older hardware ??

i had Antergos kde before. there also i had some error with default login manager . so i changed my distro to manjaro. now again after a month i am facing this startup problem this time due to sddm.

some guy said sddm classic works fine without issue .
so can anyone pls help me i want to swap from sddm to sddm classic and enable it ??
pls tell me the command.

You should only get the cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option “nsdelegate” error with the 4.9 and up, kernels prior to 4.9 will give a Cgroup: Remount Is Not Allowed error message as this message was changed for 4.9.

Here is the bug report:

This should be fixed with the 4.13 kernel and later.

1] here’s a guidance saying I should press E, locate linux line, but I cannot spot the ‘quiet’ and ‘splash’ at all

2] ctr +alt + f2 - I see login but before i manage to input my login it always blinks and disappears within a millisecond.

3] no idea where to add

Upon adding number 3 I saw TTY, used STARTX and saw my desktop, however my cursor is still stuck, unmovable.

sudo mkinitcpio -P && sudo update-grub

sudo pacman-key --init
sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux manjaro
sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

A specified local key could not be updated from a keyserver

Have updated based on:

Nothing works like it is supposed to.
The cursor still hangs.

Grub lost Windows 7 entry.

I used then
-Ss grub | grep installed
ls /etc/grub.d/

Can boot into Win 7 now - I feel so happy!

For x86-64, this should be:

from here

But it worked, thanks.

Sorry, I'm a newbie. Can someone explain to me what this 'cgroup' and 'nsdelegate' are doing?

This message is harmless and can be ignored, systemd change that older kernels don't support. Kernel 4.14 will support it, and the message won't be logged.


To workaround it, just execute systemctl restart sddm in tty2.

This is the bug, you can thumbs up this issue to get it fixed sooner:

These quiet and splash don't have to be there neccessarily. You can write your boot parameters simply at the end of that line which starts with linux separated by space.

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i am using kernel 4.14.0-0.1 and the error persists ;(

how can i safely ignore it if sometimes i have to power off my laptop and restart it until it enables me to boot)

help :slight_smile:

One more time, these error messages are not stopping you from booting.
There not doing anything.

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I disabled sddm. Then uninstalled it sddm # pacman -Rdd sddm. Then i installed sddm-classic enable it and that solved my problems thanks.

What if anything does that have to do with this thread?
There seems to be a lot of thread hijacking going on lately.

To my knowledge, I haven't changed the defaults and Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4 and ALT+F5 will all get me to TTY2.

Thank you very much! It worked for me.

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