can't login to gui

i have rebooted my machine (manjaro xcfe) am unable to login to my user but am able to on tty2 and able to get into the gui with the root account though

Sounds like a permission issue on your home folder - verify the ownership of you $HOME folder.

i checked before and it looks alright to me

No pictures - not searchable.

Copy the text, paste, select, click </>

Can you login as your user using TTY?

aye perms in home appear to be correct and i can login using tty

Install the package pastebinit

sudo pacman -Syu pastebinit

Then do

inxi -Fxxxzac0 --no-host | pastebinit

The last line of the output is a link. Provide the link in a new post.
just to know the 1060 isnt used other then hashing

Failing to login can be a number of issues but they can come from running a configuration tool in your user home as root.

Login as your user at TTY - then ensure correct permissions on your home folder (edit: clarified prompt)

~ >>> sudo chown $USER:$USER ~ -R
~ >>> sudo chmod u+rws,go-rwx ~ -R

My first thought is to ensure you have a working graphics driver.

I am no good at troubleshooting graphic driver issues as I have very few of those issues myself.

My next thought is create a new user while logged in as root and try login with the new user. This will - if you can - point to a configuration issue with your other username.

#1 -- update that 2014 BIOS.

its the newest bios my man

non of the above worked includeing creating a new user

Can you explain what this parameter does in kernel?


How have you setup the use of your 2 nvidia gpus and what and how have you changed on this?

Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything in the commands? They look weird to me, or I see ghosts :stuck_out_tongue:

The prompt and the command?

I can't see what you are seeing - but you may be right?

You should define $USER:$USER when using sudo, or it will get root account setting and no access to normal user IIRC.

:doh: you are correct - how could I forget :man_facepalming:

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