Can't Receive Updates

After following up with a thread that says "Manjaro isn't like Windows, it doesn't Auto-Update", I realised that I haven't received a proper update in weeks.

To update I run the following command:

sudo pacman -Syuu

I tried other variants of it as well, nothing works.

After checking my mirrors in the website, I confirmed that all of them are Up-To-Date.

What should I do?

To begin, you should post your actual error messages so that people can help.

please not use uu :wink: only -Syu
no update ? yes in stable last is 2020-06-13

Considering there isn't one, I didn't see the need the post it...

Be sure you are connected to a good mirror:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

After doing this it still says "there is nothing to do".

Is it possible that there were just no updates in the past two weeks for anything? I just assumed that since this is a rolling release I should expect an update every day.

Yes. If you are on stable the updates are grouped up and released in bunches. I believe the last stable release was on 6/13.

You can see the release history for stable at #announcements:stable-updates

On stable branch updates come in bulk every 2-4 weeks. On testing branch every couple of days (recently more like once a week), on unstable branch every day (direct packages from Arch, delayed few hours or more).

This way, if there are any major problems, they are caught in testing or in unstable. Stable users have better experience and no surprises, because on unstable branch, things could stop to work every day. There is a reason why stable branch is called stable :stuck_out_tongue:.

There are huge differences in branches and on unstable it's really feels like a Russian roulette - you have to be constantly vigilant what is happening on Arch branch, because chances of breaking something major are high. Testing branch is much safer and stable, but again, some surprises come up once in a while. Stable branch gives you piece of a mind for the most time.

If you get to know Manjaro later, you can easily switch branches whenever you want or need, but for now, get to know Manjaro in its stable version.

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