Can't see windows shared files on manjaro unless another windows computer is present

I am running manjaro on my laptop. I've really been enjoying it so far but I ran into a little problem. When i want to see windows shared files on my windows 10 pc from my manjaro laptop, i can only do so if my brothers laptop( running windows 10) is also turned on and visible on the network. So if only my win 10pc is turned on I can't see it in the file manager, but the moment my brother turns his computer on i can see his computer and the win 10 pc. I am not sure what to do. Can someone help me?

If I understand your issue correct you are using - simultanously - in the same network

  • one Manjaro installation
  • one Windows instalation

And your Manjaro installation is not aware of your Windows installation's shared folders until another Windows computer is connecting to the network.

Am I right?

Tell your brother he can't go offline anymore. :smiley:

How does it say so nicely in the Windows help... Ask your system administrator or a good friend. :joy:

Are foreign operating systems supported in the forum or not?

Samba installed on all PC/laptop

What does "seeing" mean in this context:

  • Windows pc reveals/announces it's presence on the net so that you can browse it's shares from your manjaro file manager? (Which would that be btw?)
  • Manjaro pc cannot mount shares from windows pc via command line?
  • Manjaro pc cannot ping windows pc?
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sorry for not being exact. I am able to ping windows 10 pc anytime its turned on. Seeing in my context means I cant see the computer(and its shared files) in File manager(Thunar).When i click on windows network in thunar it just starts loading and nothing happens. Also when my brothers laptop is turned on, a WORKGROUP folder appears in windows network folder(which isnt present when brothers laptop is off).

yes you are right. Sorry for a rather chaotic descripton of my problem(The way you put it is way easier to understand)

I am new here so i dont yet know all the rules of this forum, but i didnt know where to ask if not here since its probably a manjaro issue.

i know for a fact it is installed on manjaro and win10pc (from where the files are shared).As for the win10 laptop i dont know and cant find out at the moment.

I have no advice how to make your windows computer visible in the network.

If you know the network name of the windows computer and the name of the share type it in Thunar's location bar.

In Thunar press CtrlL and type the network location using this recipe and press Enter


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