Can't select manjaro bootloader

I installed manjaro i3 community edition on an UEFI machine which already has windows 10 installed (I created a separate /boot/efi partition with the boot and esp flags) and it won't show up in the boot select menu or in the bios, even though it shows up when i boot the live usb i created and select detect EFI bootloaders and i can boot manjaro just fine.

Have a read of this post:

all of the restoration steps are there. If you're still not sure what to do, follow the "if unsure what to do" instructions at the bottom (but obviously post in this thread rather than start a new one :wink:).

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I fixed the issue myself by booting into manjaro through the live usb then i installed the rEFInd bootmanager which works just fine, although it shows up as "Windows boot manager" in bios so i had to change the default boot device from "Windows boot manager" to "Windows boot manager" which is weird, but hey, it works!

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