Can't sign in to Google music manager


I have troubled with google-musicmanager sign in.
I can get google account name by inputting my mail address,
but password input doesn't work with an error message "Couldn't
connect to Google Play. Check your Internet connection and try

I don't know how to debug. Please help.


Last Updated: 2018-10-17
Since then a lot of things changed.
have you read trough the comments on the AUR package page if there was something similar ?
Have a look

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Yes, I read the lines and have registered a credit card and also registered my address.
But still can't sign in.

It is been some time since I last used this program. But at the time I needed to rename my ethernet device name to eth0. With the normal systemd name for the ethernet device I was not able to log in.

I think the network is ok because I got my account name by inputting my mail address.
And when I typed wrong password, I got password error as wrong password correctly.
I think the problem is authentication.
So I tried "Allow less secure apps: ON:" at Google's account setting, but no success.

I can get into "Log in via browser" by typing command "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a" key chain at Id input screen.

  1. Open browser and login
    Click the "Open browser" button below. When prompted, login. You will receive a code to paste in below.
    | Open browser |

But when I pushed open browser button, I got error page like

I found a log of Google music manager at ~/.config/google-musicmanager/google-musicmanager.log.
I have changed the log level of ~/.config/google-musicmanager/Peer.db by sqlitebrowser.

I also have subscribed Google Play Music and renewed my payment method and address in both English and Japanese, but no success.

Do you know how the authentication works? I wonder if it is related to difficulties kio-gdrive and signon-ui-qt are having with Google.

I'm redirected to a page But I'm not fully understand.

Anyway, the same problem have been reported to Google Play Music's twitter account

Tough I haven't change anything, now I can sign into Google Music Manager without a problem.
The problem was probably on Google's authentication side?

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