Can't update in chroot


Due to some circumstances, (Manjaro dropping me in emergency shell... what now?) I'm currently in chroot and I think I'm stuck in a loop right now.

Long story short, I want to run the command mhwd-kernel -i linux419, but my system requires me to update for that. BUT, doing sudo pacman -Syu gives me an error on dependecies with pamac-common-dev. So I tried to run sudo pacman -Rc pamac-common-dev, which gives me an error on some hooks.

I looked into it, found this post: Package install in chroot

From my uderstanding, (I don't really get it but whatever) I need to run sudo pacman -S pacman, but that's just impossible since I'm getting that dependecy issue WITH pacman in the first place... What am I suppose to do now?...


try pacman -Syyu to check mirrors before update

or try using pamac update instead

Still getting the dependency issue :frowning_face:


use pacman-static

pacman 5.1 break kernel (kooks)


Am I missing something?
Did the install with the commands on the link you sent me, nothing changed.

You have a very old version of pamac-dev installed, that requires a pacman below 5.2.1.
Please remove pamac-common-dev and any other pamac-*-dev packages you have installed, and try again.

Yes I know, my issue is I just can't do that right now, read my post again real quick, you'll see what I mean.

no but pacman-static is only for fix kernel errors not for dependecies

Hm. What's in those files at line 2?

I have no clue, all I know is that an update fixes that issue, but I can't update because of the dependency and I can't update because of the pamac-common-dev thing. :smiley: What a nightmare...

edit: can't remove pamac-common-dev because I need to update* my bad

as writed by strit is at you to remove all pamac-*** in command pacman-Rs pamac-xxxx pamac-yyyy ...

Hm, what happens if the Type = Path gets changed to Type = File?

yes, with File we have compatible pacman 5.1 and 5.2 (Path is for next 5.3)

Changing the type does not matter.

The issue is pacman which requires >=5.2 for the relevant libalpm hooks to function.

The solution could be to update pacman and then retry - but I don't know if it will work.

sudo pacman -S pacman

This may include removing any apps relying on pacman - such as pamac.

sudo pacman -S pacman is what I tried earlier but the dependency for pamac-common-dev won't let me run that command. Also, I can't just delete pamac-common-dev because of the hook bs...

edit: hopefully you see where this is going, it's just an endless loop where I can't update/remove stuff...

only you not pass good packages to remove :wink: (-Rs pamac-* ... hello? ... ?)


If this is not what you mean, please be more specific or just straight up type to me in french.

ok, here use pacman-static ans not pacman for remove

You are really making it hard.

sudo pacman -R pamac-cli-dev pamac-gtk-dev pamac-common-dev

On a note - please do keep your system up-to-date - pamac 9.0 dev is many moons gone

Like this???

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