Can't write to Second drive (Game Drive)

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just new to Manjaro. I just installed Manjaro onto my SSD and have not really touched my other 2 drives. I think that's why I have been having problems getting Proton 5.0.1 to work with some of my steam games. So I decided to backup the drive, and reformat it in ext4. But now when I mount it in File Manager I can no longer make files or do anything with the drive but look at it. I'm probably missing something because i'm new, again sorry. :confused:

The partition(s) on the second drive is likely owned by root. For portable apps to do its thing it needs to be on a user-owned partition. (e.g. steam expects to install its games to a /home/user directory and other user-owned directories.)

This guide would be a good place to start. Is this a internal or external drive?

It's an internal drive that I have just formatted using GParted as ext4. And thank you!

image So i think i kinda screwed up the fstab file or something, The drives don't automatically mount. Might be because it didn't like the space i had in the name? how do I fix that?

You can use systemd to mount partitions and the approach is much safer than editing you fstab.

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Ah, thank you

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