Change default media player in Manjaro Gnome

I would like to discuss and suggest to have Manjaro Gnome come with a different default media player.

Reason is that Lollypop has failed to play web radios for quite a while, and does now officially not support HTTP streams anymore (see this recent anouncement by the developer).

While I personally think its sad because Lollypop visually integrates well in Gnome, I would propose to set VLC player as the default media player, because it just works. I use it everyday since Lollypop quit playing HTTP streams.

VLC has its own problems with video so its not a viable solution just to play radio. Plus with gnome their is a a few nice extensions to play radio use less ram and cpu.


Give mpv a try.

mpv has issues with Wayland. See

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I personally would hate this because VLC has so many issues on Linux. It works really well on Android and Windows though.

I personally use smplayer now as of a couple months ago, after using VLC for 3 years on Linux.

Taken from:

mpv may not suspend GNOME's Power Saving Settings if using Wayland resulting in screen saver turning off the monitor during video playback. A workaround is to add gnome-session-inhibit to the beginning of the Exec= line in mpv.desktop .

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This is rather good ..

and for music cmus is fantastic :wink: or look into deadbeef .. There are sooooo many out there so the choice is yours. Hope you find one that fits your needs .

Agreed, radio can be a headache. Best separate it from your default media player...

Right now Shortwave is looking nice for radio, mpv for video, and don't expect radio to work well in a general media player TBH.

VLC has it's fans, but I don't like it.

But how would you differ between streaming and local media? In my personal case I keep a folder of .m3u files, each containing the link to e.g. streams along with my premium token, so I can use search bar in Gnome Activities Overview to play them. It's impossible to predict, whether an .m3u playlist contains local or remote media files.

It's extremely easy to open .m3u with VLC, or associate it with any of a number of programmes without them becoming the default.

Thats right, but then every .m3u playlist will open in VLC, regardless of its content.

Also, to be clear on that, this thread is not to solve a personal problem of mine (I am well aware that I can set applications to open certain file types). This is to discuss whether Lollypop should be the default media player in the future, while its feature set will include less than one would expect.

This is only a temp set back for Lollypop but the default Gnome music player is Rythombox its pretty good by the way.
VLC was once the media player to go to but in the last couple of years its going downhill fast where as SMplayer has always been the best alternative and now is the go to app.

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Also nevermind, I guess:


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