Change from ext4 to btrfs without data lose

Is it possible to change the File-System from ext4 to btrfs, without losing data and don’t break boot?
Have a good look at man btrfs-convert and make sure you have a backup. And report back if it works :wink:
(I have never tried it and I do not recommend it)

Have tried this on my 2. internal Drive with no luck :frowning: (the drive was not auto mounted and the system won’t boot)
After this Formate the Drive with BRFS File-System (on this drive had only playground stuff, VMs and things like that).

This is why I open the thread her, with hope someone know how to do this on an drive (with the system it self) — mean the Drive where Manjaro is installed

Back up your user data and install a new system.
If you want to keep everything, then backup the whole disk, format the system disk btrfs (including subvolumes) and copy the whole data back. Adjust /etc/fstab (UUID is changed, filesystem, mount options), chroot into the system, install Grub and update-grub.

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If you have the space to back up your data before trying to convert, why not just switch to btrfs and restore the backup. I'd feel safer that way since you can be sure there will be no errors.

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