Change keyboard layout in grub shell

Hello, thanks for any help with this.
So I recently set up a dual-boot Windows10 - Manjaro KDE (using the great guide provided on this forum) and everything is working fine except one thing. The two OS are on separate drives and I did not replace windows' bootloader with grub, I instead added grub in the partition of manjaro in /boot/efi.
I also encrypted my /root partition, so when grub launches it asks me for the passphrase, but the keyboard layout is qwerty (I don't know exactly which layout) and I have a french keyboard (azerty).

I've tried this solution :

But it doesn't work, the sudo grub-kbdcomp -o /boot/grub/bepo.gkb fr command returns

Unknown keyboard scan identifier Meta_Tab
Unknown keyboard scan identifier Meta_Tab
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x54
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x65
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x7f

the file bepo.gkb is created though, so I continued but at the end, grub is still in Qwerty layout.
I've had no luck finding other answers on the internet, and I'm fairly new to manjaro and linux in general.
Thanks for your time !

This command might hep you : grub-install --version
Output :

grub-install (GRUB) 2.04~manjaro

This could be the answer to a couple of other topics asked earlier with relation to the keyboard layout used when accessing a LUKS encrypted partition.

GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES="part_gpt part_msdos keylayouts"

Thanks for your answer !
I've tried those two solutions :

And I've added this, like you said :

GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES="part_gpt part_msdos keylayouts"

But my layout is still qwerty when I'm prompted to the enter my passphrase. However, when I enter it, I have the grub bootloader with the two boot options and there if I press c and show the grub shell, I have a french layout.
I'll try the archlinux wiki soltuion, but I see at the end "enable it with efibootmgr". What does "enable it" mean? Create a new boot entry?
Because I have my EFI partition mounted in /boot/efi . There I have two folders 'boot' and 'Manjaro'. In 'boot' I have bootx64.efi (I don't know what that is, it's last in boot order) and in 'Manjaro' I have grubx64.efi which is the one that I load into.
So should I create a third folder called Manjaro2 (for example) and put my new .efi there? Then add a new entry using efibootmgr and point it to that file?

And when it says :

set root=(memdisk)
set prefix=($root)/

The code between brackets, should I replace it with something? what is (memdisk) and ($root)?

Quite frankly - I don't know - for one thing in DK we use ISO qwerty layout - I have no experience anything other than a qwerty keyboard layout.

I can easily type using a different physical layout - I have used laptops with US ANSI layout - you just have remember where the keys are - I sometimes write using danish keyboard layout on a US ANSI keyboard - works fine when the system layout is set to danish.

I would say the same thing will work for any physical layout - as it is the scan codes that makes the difference.

I always recommend using ASCII only when entering usernames, passwords and encryption keys. Doing so will always prevent issues like this.

Yeah I have practically learned my passphrase in qwerty by now, that's how I'm logging in right know. Appreciate your help. Though if someone has the answers for my questions regarding this page :

I think this can work.

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