Change monochrome Breeze icons


Does anyone know if there's a mod/theme/way I can change the 16px size folder icons for the Breeze theme to not be monochrome? (as seen when viewing Dolphin list view, for eg)

I'd like it to look the same as the Breath theme but in the Breeze blue, basically...



Can we see what you are referring? Breath or Breath2 have monochrome icons in the Dolphin panel when set to 16 or 22 pixels.

For non monochromatic icons you have to set the icon size to the panel to be 32


Unless you convince KDE Plasma developers to change it, there is no other way than to change the icon theme yourself.

My 16px icons appear colored with Breath2...


I would like to get the same look with the Breeze theme.

Can you right click and show the icon size? What Resolution and what scaling are you using?

Places->Icon Size->Small (16x16)

3840x2160 @ 200% scale.

And you use some special settings here



And with the same settings, with other icon themes you don't get the same result in Dolphin panel for Places? I'll have to dig a bit for more information, as for now i can't make the connections ...

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