Change of treasurer for Manjaro community funds


Hi everyone.

The Manjaro community donations are currently held by OpenCollective and CommunityBridge with me acting as treasurer since the switch away from Phil's personal bank account as the target for donations (and that in turn due to the company announcement).

There is a written expense


Please note the Collective name on invoices. If the vendor requires a billing address, you can put your address or the address of any core contributor of the collective.

Expenses will be covered for costs which support and progress the Manjaro project, for example and non-exhaustively:

  • Travel and subsistence costs for conferences and related activities;
  • Hardware purchases and upgrades which support the development of Manjaro;
  • Software purchases, upgrades, and licenses which support the development of Manjaro;
  • Hosting and SaaS/PaaS etc. charges related to the project.

Expenses should be discussed on the forum and/or Telegram and nominally approved, and normally prior to any purchases being made, before being submitted to the Collective.

which is intended to ensure the funds are used appropriately to benefit the community - for example, server hosting, development hardware and software, etc.

The written policy is to discuss expenses prior to purchase and so ensure the best deal can be found. Smaller expenses have been submitted which followed this policy.

Recent expenses have been filed against the community funds after approval only from Phil with the expectation I would wave them through. The policy was reiterated, and agreed by team members.

Another expense was submitted today for a €2,000 laptop with discussion between only Phil and the person wanting the laptop.

This was rejected as the policy had not been followed, and I queried the expense. Other privately discussed expenses also came to light.

Phil was unhappy about the rejection and the additional questions about how community funds would be used. As a consequence I am no longer treasurer, leaving Phil in control of all funds once again. Phil is now in a position to use community funds as he sees fit in order to move the community project in the same direction as his company.

I will still be floating around the forum but at this point Manjaro doesn't seem all that friendly any more.

Happy trails one and all.

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Small update 2020-07-24T00:00:00Z:

In addition, my email address has been disabled and access to other systems has been removed.


Well thats quite a shame.


This is quite unfortunate :confused:

Why even have a policy that was agreed upon if it's not going to be followed? That's ridiculous.

Community funds are meant for the community project. Using those funds to move the project in same direction as a privatized company project sounds wrong.


I'm gonna give it a day or so .. but until this is resolved I plan on revoking all financial support.

Furthermore - if you were made to feel unwelcome for standing by community guidelines I would also expect an apology or some form of recognition and resolution.

EDIT - As I continue to receive likes on this comment I find it necessary to note that we have successfully had team conversations resulting in a consensus of how funds are handled, voted on, etc, etc and I am comfortable with the outcome as far as it seems right now.


Aye to this. @jonathon has done a lot for the community. He does not deserve to be treated this way.


I hope this controvresy has not ended yet. Every project "boss" needs a opposition, a moral counterpart. You two should sleep about it and continue this controversy tomorrow. Maybe that's a better day.
We need rules !
With this in mind, I'm with you @jonathon

Edit: I have absolut no problem with a 2000€ laptop as long as we follow our own and accepted rules.


I have done the same (revoking monthly financial support) until this is resolved.


The whole thing sounds a bit dictatorial to me. It's sad to hear that ...


Indeed, this is a worrisome sign. I will be keeping my alternatives on stand by and monitoring this situation closely. @jonathon thank you for all you have done for Manjaro and the community. These are strange times.


Rules were made for a reason. Seems to me they were made for this particular reason.

Not a forum regular, but really love Manjaro, and the project could live without all this mess.

Thank you, @jonathon, for all the work you’ve done.


I agree with the others here. This is a huge red flag, and not a good look at all. I will likely also be revoking my monthly financial support until it is resolved.

Hopefully there will be some satisfactory resolution here. Thank you for your work @jonathon.


Looks like this just got unlisted.


I don't understand why personally, as this is something the community needs to know about. Transparency is needed.



Go @cscs! Is this going to be a unlisting / listing fight? lol


This is sad to hear, hopefully we can hear the opposing opinions and plans moving forward regarding Manjaro as a community. I've admired this community for it's transparency among many things.


I am not trying to be funny.

@philm these are pretty serious allegations. I think it would be more constructive for you to respond.


I'm not a forum regular, but I'm in support of you @jonathon . I will not donate until this is resolved properly.


That's it. Unlisting this topic, for me, is the straw that broke the camel back.

Bye bye Manjoro, I liked the distro but this is seriously going the wrong way.

I'm gonna go and see if the grass is greener with the folks at Endeavour OS


It's been unlisted again.

What's going on Manjaro folks ?

have you gone all crazies ?


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