Change of treasurer for Manjaro community funds

I absolutely despise dictators. I hope this isn’t the case here. I’ll wait and see.


Yes, there hasn't been. But if Jonathon had allowed the funds to be used for these merely privately discussed spendings, then this would have been. Since Jonathon has been forced to step down from his role because of that, to me, it's as bad as if the funds had been misused.


Nice to see you're a mod once again. I was contemplating setting up a petition to restore your mod priveleges but thats no longer necessary. Keep up the good work!


There has been cases of Philm deciding for himself, like the FreeOffice fiasco where Jonathon implies the rest of the team didn't agree or wasn't even informed of the decision.

Also, unless there has actually been some discussion with other team members, please use "I" instead of "we" when referring to decisions you've made. :wink:


Since you quoted that ... Nobody asked the team to make this "announcement"
WE never agreed upon it. It was just a big I as a letter J in all of it ... so, unless we have here a clear case of double standards, then that quote is moot as any other subjective opinion.

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Apologies if I misunderstand, but wasn't the announcement to put FreeOffice in the testing ISOs in this testing post?

Again, sorry if I misunderstood, I do not believe including FreeOffice was a big deal (hence I am still here), what I do consider a big deal is making major decisions for the distro without consulting the entire team.

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I never said the rest of the team was involved in this announcement. It's all on me.

As I said in the Telegram chat, the easiest way to resolve the "two sides to every argument" issue is to post the full logs from yesterday's Telegram chat. I'm very happy for the full logs to be posted.


What full logs I don't see logs posted anywhere @jonathon or did they get removed already.

Laughs, "Maybe, but more importantly, I came to Linux from Mac, so stealing their keyboard layout was necessary."


They were not posted yet. He merely shares his willingness for the chat logs to be given to the community for getting sides of the argument.

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Forgoth bag of chips, this sort of drama always come back in some period of time?


ah my bad wording was a bit odd

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I was referring to THIS announcement where we have the conversation right now. Since you wanted to make it an example with previous statements, from previous announcements, i wanted to clarify how THIS came about.

But, i already tried to post a part of the discussion, in the same "light" of half story as this OP, and was not ok for you

We two never agreed on that anywhere, not by writing, nor by other way, yet i took all the blame for it and accepted "your terms" after the fact, then @philm did you a favor and removed my uploaded image. If he did not respected you, he wouldn't done that. This i'm saying it as an impartial observer.

Now you agree to share all the logs. I'm asking, is it wise NOW (after facts) to give people more chewing gum to blow balloons to the thermosphere ?

Yes - which was taken out of context with the intention to make it look like I "snapped". That's what I objected to, and I included in that reply:

So, posting the full logs is not a new idea.

With the full logs available people can make up their own minds. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. Simple.


But, how exactly was your OP in context? If we play by rules, why are not working both ways? I ask out of curiosity, not because i really hope to get a reply that will be free of sophistry ...

Most that "participated" in this discussion already made up their mind. How will that get changed by reading those logs? And, would be part of the context also the forum discussion in manjaro-team?

As a note: It seems that on all this, now we are replying as "individuals", so, please don't atribute to Manjaro Team what i say or ask from my own stand.


Going to try it this weekend, thanks.


I think the main bit of wording which is subjective was that "I was removed as treasurer". I have now updated that to "I am no longer treasurer" which is an objective fact.

If there is anything untrue in what I wrote in the OP please let me know.


That's rhetorical question, given we're speaking inside deeply rooted open-source driven community :face_with_monocle:

Keeping full sources closed is loose-loose strategy :upside_down_face:

P.S. That doesn't mean that i don't understand money aspects of it, and "branding", "mitigation of crisis" and all that jazz :grimacing:

It's just either one or the other, you can't really sit effectively on both chairs...


I really hope this is not your general stance for open-source projects.
Opening up this stuff is simply transparent. It would align with the values Manjaro prides itself to have in the first place.


Because, as was pointed out, you only posted part of the conversation, out of context. Now whilst it could be argued that the OP might also be out of context - it also seemed a simple enough issue... boss man has fit when treasurer says "you can't have the community funds for x, and what's this y and z I'm now finding out about?", and shortly after said treasurer is no more (and it wasn't a voluntary step down) and now boss man has control of funds. Sounds legit, right?

People make their minds up given the facts in front of them... so if facts are given that indicate a prior viewpoint was wrong, I'd hope most of us would correct that viewpoint and any commentary given. Otherwise, if more information is not given, don't expect anyone change their minds, as there is zero reason to do so! And even more reason to continue to distrust what is happening with Manjaro.

At the end of the day, this issue was handled badly, and a 5th point to what Phil said above is required - namely something along the lines of 'develop a process on how to publicly respond to any perceived team harmony or fracture resulting from forum threads/posts' ... which would involve making a brief public response indicating that there is an issue being dealt with internally, with a formal announcement once it was resolved, and the thread locked to stop the peanut gallery whipping the issue out of proportion... even though it does mean less popcorn would be consumed! :laughing:


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