Change of treasurer for Manjaro community funds

That's rhetorical question, given we're speaking inside deeply rooted open-source driven community :face_with_monocle:

Keeping full sources closed is loose-loose strategy :upside_down_face:

P.S. That doesn't mean that i don't understand money aspects of it, and "branding", "mitigation of crisis" and all that jazz :grimacing:

It's just either one or the other, you can't really sit effectively on both chairs...


I really hope this is not your general stance for open-source projects.
Opening up this stuff is simply transparent. It would align with the values Manjaro prides itself to have in the first place.


Because, as was pointed out, you only posted part of the conversation, out of context. Now whilst it could be argued that the OP might also be out of context - it also seemed a simple enough issue... boss man has fit when treasurer says "you can't have the community funds for x, and what's this y and z I'm now finding out about?", and shortly after said treasurer is no more (and it wasn't a voluntary step down) and now boss man has control of funds. Sounds legit, right?

People make their minds up given the facts in front of them... so if facts are given that indicate a prior viewpoint was wrong, I'd hope most of us would correct that viewpoint and any commentary given. Otherwise, if more information is not given, don't expect anyone change their minds, as there is zero reason to do so! And even more reason to continue to distrust what is happening with Manjaro.

At the end of the day, this issue was handled badly, and a 5th point to what Phil said above is required - namely something along the lines of 'develop a process on how to publicly respond to any perceived team harmony or fracture resulting from forum threads/posts' ... which would involve making a brief public response indicating that there is an issue being dealt with internally, with a formal announcement once it was resolved, and the thread locked to stop the peanut gallery whipping the issue out of proportion... even though it does mean less popcorn would be consumed! :laughing:


for me, it's a huge difference !

Now, I only note that Philm kept these old habits (which never caused any problems) and that Jonathon didn't find any good way to make himself heard.

The expense is public "Notebook for Package Building for ..." so there is no problem. and we can see that these big purchases are exceptional.
For the €1,994.96 PC, it only concerns the team if it is legitimate or not and not the forum so we don't have to read the whole team discussion.


2000 ojro for laptop is not that much for developer however I have no idea if it was a gaming laptop or not :slight_smile: on the other side strong company has to have strong leader who is able to kick the balls.

I am quite happy with manjaro kde for the past month and with manjaro gnome since 2019, I got my order for pinepook and pine phone and migrated my tablet recently to kde plasma arm manjaro, and I expressed my thanks to the community yesterday and I am quite happy to be part of this community.

Today I was thinking about donation and following what other people in the community do: to donate, but after reading this and some people saying they will pull funds and not donate time and money to the project, well I will wait until I see what the entire community is planning to do and decide then.
well I am new here so I don't know all the details and I new in to the Linux world. I really hope this will be resolved in a positive note and the entire community will continue donations and support Manjaro.
I really like Manjaro and I hope this will only improve the community on the long run for the better.

EDIT: in my opinion and my management experience the leaders of the community and the leaders of the company should resolved this and give an explanation to the community in short and probably it would be best if their is a policy for conflict resolution community council members like fedora?

all the best, Lexie.


Why do you think there are 800 distros? Because of these pity wars :slight_smile:


I agree with Ariel completely, this is a probably a matter of discussion between the leaders of the community and the leaders of the manjaro company (I don't know the manjaro structure). other FOSS Linux project have similar relationships like for example Red Hat Inc and Fedora Community.
Yeah I also just switched back to manjaro recently from PopOS I hope the community will not divide.

hence I will wait until their is an official "executive summary" from the leaders of the company and leaders of the community and then read the community opinions and decide for myself.

Regards, Alex


Just so people are aware in case they need to contact me, my email address has now been disabled. My access to other systems has also been removed, so no more package updates from me! :rofl:


This might be why it's disabled. Still sad though.

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I hope Manjaro will stay alive and there will be a good balance for every Team Member. Every Company comes to some situation in there will be Things changed. And People Agree / Disagree this is „normal“ but this needs to be clear for every one. (The thing that will be changed).

And I think Manjaro have to extend there Business, Enterprise Core System for Server.
To get more people they can / want help out their Project.

True. It just shows how little regard is held for people who have spent years of their life on the project: as soon as there's a disagreement - poof - you're gone.


Sad, considering you have been the sole sane voice in the Manjaro community for a while. There hasn't been fast tracked security updates nor advisories since you stopped doing them. And with access revoked I assume this completely gone.


Guess they can go right back and edit their page to remove the fast-tracking arrow


Yes, it should have been removed. I told @philm this at FOSDEM after meeting him briefly. He didn't really respond. @oberon just walked away


Dictatorship 101. You've been Uncle Janged.

Any questioning of their absolute authority will not be tolerated. State money is their money.

The unlisting of the thread was like a State controlled media response, and sadly Bogdan is playing the role of the North Korean news reader. Relegated to a yes man drinking the Cool Aid.


If anyone has issues with this sort of behavior the you should stop donating, at least until enforcable controls and genuine transparency is put in place.


Man I am just as upset as you are and I am 100% on @jonathon 's side. But please, hold off on the name calling. It doesn't look good and it also isn't nice or professional


Everybody reacting with the :salt: emoji to this message is a disgrace.

Yeah, it has been happening for a while. Chromium, firefox, keepass among other stuff were not fast tracked.

I can't help but notice how Jonathon is treated the same way he treated me many times on this forum I told him that it is a very aggressive attitude to close and unlist threads so quickly as he did with mine, and very baseless and childish with him commenting something (poking at me at times) then quickly closing the thread. Or to have the 'courage' to edit my comments. He exercised the same power with others (for sure with me and a few other people I know). Now maybe he understands better why such attitudes are really damaging. I wish neither that attitude or this one from others towards Joanthon would exist on this forum. But with power and money, all of us will make mistakes from time to time. I hope you guys resolve these quickly and I'll look forward for Phill's input since I didn't feel he got the chance to add to the discussion. So this could be one sided.


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